Adversarial Collaboration through Shared Representations

Author(s): Zander, P.-O., Christiansen, E.

Year: 2010

Place of publication: Xerox Research Centre Europe Workshop for “the mediation role of shared representations in cooperative activities”, Aix-en-Provence, France. 

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Abstract: This paper is about adversarial collaboration through shared representation, and its empirical basis is data from citizens and their interaction with local government. The eGov+ research project deals with the design of service applications that support the collaboration between municipal caseworkers and citizens applying for some sort of benefit or permission using the Internet to a great extent.. By analyzing the case and drawing on literature about adversarial collaboration, we present a tentative design framework. This framework presents the key dimensions to consider when a designer is aware that the users are likely to collaborate adversarially, mediated by one or several shared representations.

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