Key decisions regarding new IT solutions

Author(s): Hjelholt, M.

Year: 2009

Place of publication: IRIS 2009

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Abstract: This working paper outlines the research design of an on going longitudinal study in Aalborg local government from 2008-2011. Inspired by Flyvbjerg’s research methodology on single case studies (Flyvbjerg 1998), the PhD research is doing an in-depth case study on how information infrastructure is negotiated locally through complex processes. The scope of the study is the decisions and policymaking concerning the implementation of the” digital communication and archive solution” in Aalborg Local government (www.oes.dk).The research goes back to pioneer studies of Kraemer, King, Kling, Danziger et al. from the so-called “Irvine school, 1970-94”. These studies will serve as a starting point for understanding the interplay between organizational and technological change. Research of the Irvine School stresses that in most situations, the actions of management are instrumental in determining the success and failure of innovation efforts (Kraemer and Danziger 1982). Consequently, this research will carry out an in-depth analysis of the actions of management. The study focuses on how the managers interpret and negotiate a new technology into their local government. Following, which key actors of the local government have the power to dominate the negotiation and by which means/arguments are they in charge of this power?

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