The eGov+ project

Better public service through new use of IT research and technologies to create IT based collaboration between citizens and the public sector

Three Danish municipalities and three IT companies are working together with the Alexandra Institute and researches from Aarhus and Aalborg University on a new type of public IT services. These services will utilize the latest Web 2.0 technologies to bring the citizens and the public sector closer together.

The eGov+ project explores e-governance services and infrastructure. The focus is on efficient, and democratic e-services through Web 2.0 technology at the interface between citizens and public administration. The project works with visualization of decision processes and workflows, adaptive documents and services, processes and methods of design, and management.

The pivotal idea of the project is to examine how citizens may be supported in achieving as much as possible on their own and in cooperation with other citizens, and how collaboration between citizens and municipal services may be enhanced. Furthermore the project looks at the development, implementation and everyday management of such eGovernment services and infrastructures.

Methodologically the project works through a combination of grounded approaches to the understanding of organizational and use issues and participatory design-oriented approaches to design, involving caseworkers as well as citizens. Participant observation and interviews are combined with workshops involving citizens and caseworkers. Technology is developed through iterative prototyping to give future users access to hands-on experience, while making it possible to work with alternatives as opposed to just one solution. When applied in a research setting, prototypes are also used to capture and probe research hypotheses.

The project stretches from 2008-2011 and includes four PhD studies in addition to two affiliated PhD studies.


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